Eric Windisch on Sun, 3 Oct 1999 13:17:36 -0400 (EDT)

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Re: [Plug] Basic Linux wrote:
> Since Mike Ryan's talk on Python, I have begun to push the language at my
> office.  Those who have made the leap agree that it is very easy to learn, nice
> to look at, versatile, and all the other things a scripting language ought to
> be.  You may also want to take a crack at C.  I know that C can be intimidating
> at first, but O'Reilly's Practical C Programming makes the eases learning curve
> greatly.  It doesn't get into GUI programming, but Practical C will get you
> started.  Just work through every example and exercise.

I grabbed a copy of Practical C programming from a friend and didn't
like it
as much as my K&R book, although I was somewhat knowledgable about C
I grabbed either book... I would suggest that anyone planning to learn C 
to see which book they like better before a purchase.

Eric Windisch

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