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[Plug] Meeting Reminder (fwd)

This came from the linux kernel mailing list.

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Date: Tue, 05 Oct 1999 22:45:52 -0400
From: Computer Education Society of Philadelphia <tjburke@voicenet.com>
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Subject: Meeting Reminder


Beginning Wednesday, October 13, 1999, CESOP meetings will take place at 9940
Haldeman Ave (Haldeman & Conwell), The Bayerischer Volksfest Verein (Bavarian

>From Roosevelt Blvd northbound… Use the center lanes and turn left at Conwell
St. (This is the second light after Grant Ave). Follow Conwell St to the end,
which is Haldeman Ave. (You will be looking right at the BVV.) Turn right on
Haldeman Ave and an immediate left into the driveway of the BVV. Park anywhere
on the outer parking lot. Walk through the second gate and enter through the
main doors under the canopy. (The building to your left as you walk through the

 From Roosevelt Blvd southbound… Use the outside lanes and turn right at
Haldeman Ave. (This is the first light after the shopping center and is a soft
right). Follow Haldeman past Red Lion Rd. and  approximately 100 feet before
the next light you will see the driveway entrance for the BVV on your right.
(See above)

There will NOT be a meeting on Saturday, October 9. The next meeting is
Wednesday, October 13

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