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RE: [Plug] info on next meeting (Nov. 3rd)

Food will be ordered for 40, if that's OK... same deal as this month. 

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Subject: [Plug] info on next meeting (Nov. 3rd)

I've added a link to pictures on the Announcement page.  Go to the main
PLUG web page (, & click on "Plug
Tell me what you think of the pictures & how helpful they'd be, or what
could change.  I work 5 blocks from this place & my boss let me borrow
digital camera.  If nobody responds to this I'm going to be pissed,
nobody cares, and take longer to do updates to the announcements page,
humour me :)

Also, what are we doing for food next month ?

Topic: Adam Turoff will be giving a talk on the history of Linux.  
Where: The IQ Group's Technology Lab 
       The Constitution Building, 6th floor 
       325 Chestnut Street 
       Philadelphia, PA 19106 
       (map / pictures & directions links on web page) 
       Site Contact is Chris McDonough ( 
       It's the room with a big "Q" on the door. The building is on the
       North side of Chestnut. Nice conference room. Counted 57 chairs.
       Whiteboard. PC type projector. Nice. 
When:  Wednesday, November 3rd, 1999, 7pm-9pm 
Food:  Unknown.  Suggestions ?

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