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[Plug] Re: *NOT* happy - another hd crash (fwd)

Since I cc'd the plug list w/ my complaint, I thought I'd be fair to
Seagate & forward you their responce.  

I intend to call up their tech support & see if they have any better ideas
before sending this one back.
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Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1999 08:05:00 -0500
From: Elizabeth_A_Clonts@notes.seagate.com
To: Darxus <darxus@op.net>
Subject: Re: *NOT* happy - another hd crash

Dear Seagate Customer,

I'm not technical but you may want to check with our technical support group for
trouble shooting your drive.

Please visit Seagate Technical Support on our Website at:


Or phone:
               800 SEAGATE or 405 936-1200

Or, if you would just like to replace the drive, I can issue a new RMA number to
do so.  I can arrange to have Airborne Express come and pick up the defective
drive at our expense, so you won't be out any expense for shippping it back to

If this is acceptable I need to schedule this two days in advance, with a four
hour window when someone will be there to sign for the drive.

Also, what address would you like to have the drive picked up at and what
address would you like to have the drive shipped to?  If it's the same address
as on your previous RMA 7341833 let me know and I can pull up that information.
However, if Airborne picks up the drive someone will need to be present to sign
for the package when they pick it up.

Thank you,


Darxus <darxus@op.net> on 10/24/99 04:54:30 PM

To:   Elizabeth A Clonts@Seagate
cc:   plug@lists.nothinbut.net

Subject:  *NOT* happy - another hd crash

My Seagate st19171w hard drive crashed a few weeks ago.  It was under
warrenty, I sent it in (RMA #7341833).  I just got my replacement a few
days ago.  Today & yesterday I've been reinstalling my operating system &

I just heard a sound.  The sound of a hard drive being shut off, and then
instantly turned back on.  I got many scsidisk I/O errors.  I rebooted to
a rescue disk & ran a filesystem check.  22 4096 bit blocks were
destroyed.  44 kilobytes of date are corrupted, and I have no way of
finding out what files need to be repaired.

This is the same thing my last drive did.

I understand that you are not personally at fault for this hard drive
eating my data before I even finished reinstalling all my programs, but I
would like to know what I should do now.

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