Santosh Das on Thu, 9 Dec 1999 11:43:48 -0500 (EST)

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[Plug] Dialin into my Home Linux Box thru PPP

Here is the Scenario:
From my Windows NT Desktop at work I want to dial-in to
my home Linux Box, using the stantard phone line.
I have an Actiontec Call waiting PCI modem in my linux box.
( Could not get it to work, so I am hoping some one
can answer my questions.)

So here is what I did
Linux: 1) Added a /etc/inittab entry to do a mgetty
      2) Restarted the init proc, by telinit q
      3) Created a user-id for outside logging (maybe not needed)

Windows:1) Created a new network entry with my home # and PPP

My Questions:
1) Is there an easier way of dialing in ??
2) Has some one done mgetty config. ??
3) If my linux box is listening on the phone line,
  will it affect incoming voice calls (Have 1 line) ??
4) Where and which logs can tell me whats the status
  of PPPD, and dialin sequence recieved??

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