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[Plug] thoughts on relocating

I am extreemly willing to continue hosting PLUG & PADS meetings at IQ
Group, and I forsee no problems with anyone objecting to me doing so.  But
I'm a little concerned about growth issues.

I see a few options.

1) Have more meetings.  I figure if we were to meet, say, 3 times a month
for PLUG (with more specialized meetings), and one for PADS (Debian),
fewer people would come to each meeting, more people could come overall,
and those of us who are obsessed enough to do so, could get 4 days per
month of this stuff.  Yes, I just offered to host meetings 4 days per

2) Find a bigger place.  

2.a)I just read completely through the thread where Avi Freedman offered
the use of a 100 seat lecture hall, with ethernet to multiple T3s, plus
soda and chips -- at Netaxs' facilities.  Of course, that was not in
center city, and that bothered a lot of people.  But perhaps we could have
a meeting at Netaxs, and a meeting at IQ, each month (on different

2.b)The company I used to work for had a very large space and a lot of
chairs that they use for 300+ person meetings.  I was going to look into
using it, but then I left.  Adam ?

2.c)My basement.  I'm looking into buying a house in northeast philly --
20 minutes from center city on the R8.  It has a basement that I figure I
could get more than 40 seats in.  I figure it's an unlikely alternative,
but it was an interesting random thought.  But if I do get the place,
you're all invited to regular lan parties :)

I really need to get into the Philly Perl Mongers, largely because I'm
interested, and largely to see how they do things, since they're obviously
doing stuff right.  

Tomorrow I will talk to the person who arranges things about how many
people we can fit for presentations at IQ.  And how to set that up on a
regular basis.  Then I figure we'll continue as we have been until we
don't fit, or start doing another meeting per month, or something....

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