Jack Wilkinson on Wed, 28 Jun 2000 16:44:30 -0400 (EDT)

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Re: [PLUG] T1 Connections..

From: "Bill Jonas" <bj@netaxs.com>
> T-1s come with a fixed charge per month, and you cannot make voice calls
> over them (unless you do something like Voice over IP); it's just a data
> connection.

that's not true.  DS-1/T-1 has been used for voice for decades, and carries
the equivelant of 24 phone lines, or DS-0's.  T-1's are used by many
businesses in correspondance with a PBX, or phone box, which routes the
calls as appropriate (essentially, an expensive answering machine).

I'm looking for some white papers on the stuff to see if it would be
possible for him to use a dozen (pick a number) for data and a dozen for
voice, giving him 12 voice lines and 0.7522mbps of data.

Who knows, I'll try and find out for all...

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