Michael Leone on Fri, 5 Jan 2001 13:17:39 -0500

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Re: [PLUG] HD hosed by stupidity and xcdroast

> Speaking of evolution...
> Have you tried the new version yet?  I believe it's 0.8
> I tried 6 but I didn't feel it was quite ready for prime time yet

Yep. 0.8 is the latest. It's actually quite good; very MS Outlook-like.

It's *almost* ready for prime-time. It's lacking a few features (nothing
truly show-stopping), and the IMAP support needs a bit of work (I'm told; I
don't use IMAP myself). It's quite sensitive to the theme you choose in
Gnome, tho. Has a tendency to crash (or show blank emails) if it doesn't
like the theme used. Altho they're still working on that, and - if you stick
with the default GTK+ theme -  all is cool.

It's still "pre-beta" they say - the version number is meaningless. It has
no relation to how close they are to 1.0 (i.e., offical release). Official
release is "early this year", FWIW.

Yeah, I use it as my main mailer. You can, too.

> I run Mandrake 7.2 and love it.  Though at the moment I can't get the new
evolution to run.

Yeah, that's my only concern. Still, eventually they'll get the RPMs. And ya
never know - maybe I'll be brave, and try compiling from source.

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