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Re: [PLUG] Tape Drive Selection

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Subject: [PLUG] Tape Drive Selection

> The tape drive on my company's Linux web server is starting to die, so
> I was wondering what the list's recommendations were for a
> replacement.
> Our current drive is a HP SureStore 5000, which is an old SCSI DDS2
> DAT drive. We'd like the new one to be SCSI, fast, and be able to
> backup 4 gig natively at the bare minimum. All that, and we don't want
> to blow the budget.
> Has anyone seen or used the VXA-1 from Ecrix? It seems to fit the

I've heard from folks on other lists, say they like it. But I think it's
intended for much higher capacities than 4G.

> bill, but I'm a little hesitant because there's only a single company
> supporting the format. What are the other alternatives that members of
> the list have experience with?

I use a HP SureStore Dat24 (12G native, up to 24G w/hardware compression)
DDS-3 (not on Linux), and am pleased with it. It will also read your DDS2
tapes, and I don't *think* the VXA-1 reads DDS-2, altho I could be wrong.

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