Jeff Abrahamson on Thu, 11 Jan 2001 15:40:01 -0500

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ssh mirroring

I'm looking for something like (but not quite like) weex
<> or

What I want is something that can scp files as needed to a remote site
(to which I have ssh access). I want it to remember what's changed and
only copy what's changed since the last copy.

If I can use this as a backup mirror by adding gzip and gpg filters,
that'd be especially cool. But I really just want to make it easy to
maintain a web site locally and then copy it to the real, public

Weex does what I want with ftp, but not ssh. I couldn't find an ssh
lib that would let me modify weex.

CPAN has Net::SSH, but it looks like it just does a popen or an open3
on an ssh process.

Any thoughts?


 Jeff Abrahamson  <>