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RE: [PLUG] computer cases


	You can got to the PC shows that are usually somewhere every
weekend in the area.  Look at and

	As for cases, there is only one (ok, maybe 2):  The Addtronics
8500 ( or the Addtronics
SC750A also known as the SuperMicro SC750A.  There are no others.


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        Anyone know a good place in the Philly/Greater Philly area to
computer cases? I need something with at least a 350W power supply and
preferable at least midtower ATX. I've checked the usual places
Best Buy, etc) but none of them have anything that meets these specs. I
even tried Computer Renassaince on Baltimore Pike in Springfield, PA and
had no luck there either. I know of several places online where I could
order what I need but I'd rather go to a brick-and-mortar locally to
money on shipping.


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