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Re: [PLUG] Ethernet/DSL setup question

On Saturday 10 March 2001 14:36, you wrote:
> Hi all, most of the time I'm a lurker on this list, but I actually do plan 
> to be at the next meeting.  I'm impressed with all of the knowledge and the 
> freedom of information exchange on this list.
> Anyway, I'm having a problem with my linux setup.  My current install went 
> fine, but I'm having issues getting my ethernet card talking to my DSL 
> router.  The ethernet card (kensington 10/100) comes up fine in linux with 
> ifconfig and I'm able to assign an IP address and such.  When I ping the 
> address (local to the machine) it seems to work fine and everything is 
> dandy.  However, it is connected to my Westell DSL router (guess who my ISP 
> is) and when I bring up the interface, the light on the router which shows 
> a connection to the computer does not light up.  When I bring up the 
> interface from a console I get a repeating error which says something about 
> media not being connected and the interface is set to TP.  I'm stumped 
> because it seems the hardware is communicating fine with linux but not to 
> the outside.  I'm sure the hardware is good because I'm able to get the 
> setup working in windows.
> Does anyone have any suggestions?  I'm currently stumped.

Is your ISP Verizon?  If so, they don't use TCP/IP-- rather they use an 
amazingly stupid protocol called "PPP oh Ehernet" or PPPoE.  The good news is 
that Linux supports it.  The bad news is it's a little more involved than 
TCP/IP.  There is a link to the HOWTO on PhillyLUG's website.

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