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[PLUG] [PLUG-Announce]Inside Alien: How the Debian Alien Package Works

                The Philadelphia Area Debian Society (PADS)


             Inside Alien: How the Debian Alien Package Works

          Wednesday 18 October 2000, 8:00 PM - 9:30 PM

          Chris Fearnley, Chief Technology Officer, LinuxForce Inc.

          IQ Group's Technology Lab
          The Constitution Building, 12th floor, Suite 1200
          325 Chestnut Street
          Philadelphia, PA


   Alien is a tool developed for the Debian project to convert binary
   Debian packages to and from Red Hat, Stampede or Slackware binary
   packages. We will investigate how Alien works so that we can better
   assess when and how it can help bridge the gaps between the Linux

   Social Dinner

   Attendees are invited to gather for dinner prior to the meeting at 6:30
   PM at Nick's Roast Beef of Old Philly, 16 South 2nd St, Philadelphia, PA.

   Keysigning Notes

   PADS and our sister organization, PLUG, keep our signed keys at the
   Philadelphia Linux Web of Trust, .

   Please post a notice to if you want to bring
   your key to have it signed.  We are always interested but not always
   prepared to do a proper keysigning at every meeting.

Christopher J. Fearnley     |   LinuxForce Inc.          |   Chief Technology Officer   |   Design Science Revolutionary
               "Dare to be Naïve" -- Bucky Fuller

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