Michael C. Toren on Sun, 1 Apr 2001 22:15:08 -0400

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Re: [PLUG] Hardware information on Sparc 20

> I just aquired a SUN Sparc 20 and I am looking for a little advice from
> anyone who can help. I need to find a Type 5 mousepad and a bootable cdrom
> drive. Does anyone know where to get the mousepad cheap? I have looked for

If you're speaking of mouse pads for the old Sun optical mice, they're a
little hard to find, but sometimes show up on eBay.  You can also purchase
a Sun mechanical mouse, although they can be a little expensive.  I would
just skip it altogether if you're just building a server.

> the internal cdrom drives but the cheapest I can find is about $99.00. I
> don't care if it is fast, can anyone suggest a cheap scsi drive that
> supports suncd?

If you're installing Linux, it's not too hard to install over the network,
in which case you won't need a cdrom or a floppy.  Sparc hardware allows
this to happen much more elegantly than on a PC.