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[PLUG] Job Ops..


We have HelpDesk Position that rescently opened up at our company.
Company Name:  A. Duie Pyle Inc.
Business:	   Transportation (Truck deliveries)
Position:	   Help Desk & Special Projects.
Location:	   West Chester, PA

Requirements for the Job are: Working knowledge of Networking, Windows98,
WindowsNT, PC Hardware, and a Appetite to learn.
Other Experience that will help:  Unix [AIX, Linux, FreeBSD](vi, ls, cd and
other common commands), MS Exchange, Serial Devices, MS Domains, Windows

This is not a short drive, but there are a few of us who live in Lancaster.
We're a fun, and busy place to work.
Everyday Tasks include, answering the phone and telling the person to reboot
thier computer or fix thier problem. Setting up users on the NT Domain, add
users to Exchange for E-mail, add user info to the Unix System.  Answer
installation questions for our Rating software. Install and Setup Network
Antivirus Server. Install and Setup other various Servers.  Update and
change DNS settings, Add users to the Cisco Pix Firewall, Add Users to the
VPN (Virtual Private Network).  Punch down Network & Phone Jacks for New
Office areas and New Truck Terminal.  Fly on the Company Plane to Mass.,
Upstate NY, Western PA for fixing problems and other various tasks. Setting
up New PCs that come in for new employees.

Who we're looking to attract to this position:

The best people on our staff are those who have worked at small computer
shops doing setups and installs, and are eager to learn.  Those with a
mature sense and good personal relation skills.
We're looking for Limited Experience.

Who We're not looking to attract:

If your looking for over $35k Annually Starting pay I don't think we can
help you.
Those fresh out of MCSE school who never invested in a computer, and havn't
touched a computer since thier classes let out, please do NOT apply!  Those
of you who can't get out of bed everyday and get to your job on time, please
don't apply!
We are a growing company and there is Plenty of Opportunity for Advancement
and Growth!

I came to this company about a Year and half ago as a Help desk person, I'm
now the help desk supervisor, and I Manage the LAN, WAN, and Phone System.
With a nice jump in Pay.
I generally Put in about 45hrs a week, You are not REQUIRED to put in
overtime.  Helpdesk employees are Hourly, and you earn Time and Half after
40hrs of work.  There are plenty of Opportunities for overtime!

If this all sounds good to you please E-Mail me your resume in RTF, PDF,
HTML or Plain Txt format to  (I WILL NOT OPEN ANY MS WORD

								Thank You

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