Michael Leone on Mon, 9 Apr 2001 00:45:38 -0400

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[PLUG] Kernel 2.4.3 - can't choose ReiserFS?

I thought I'd download the latest 2.4.3 kernel today, and see what all
the fuss is about. So I downloaded the kernel source from
<www.kernel.org>. Then, when I do a "make xconfig", the ReiserFS option
is grayed out, and can't be chosen.

Huh? I thought ReiserFS support was built-in to all 2.4.1+ kernels?

I usually use 2.2.18, with ReiserFS support. Most of my partitions are
formatted with ReiserFS, so it's kinda important to get that support
working, if I want to use kernel 2.4.x. :-)

So I downloaded the latest ReiserFS 2.4.3 patch (linux-2.4.3-knfsd-6.g),
thinking that that might help, and applied it to my 2.4.3. Patch applied
successfully, from the looks of it (no error messages).

Still no go.

What am I missing?

BTW ... those are not the only filesystems that are grayed out. I can't
seem to get ADFS, Amiga, Apple, BFS and EFS filesystem support. I assume
that the unavailability of all these filesystems is related somehow.
Also the new /dev is grayed out.

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