Rupert Heesom on Thu, 12 Apr 2001 17:36:49 -0400

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[PLUG] rpm on command line

For all the list users who are not necessarily purists (those who DO use
RPM sometimes) ......

I often use rpm on the command line as opposed to the Gnome RPM program.
There is something in Gnome RPM which I can't figure out how to do on
the command line......

In Gnome RPM, you can query the rpm file (Install / Add / Query) which
gives you a list of the contents and other stuff.    If I run "rpm -q
x.rpm", I dont' get the same thing, I just get an acknowledgement of
whether it's installed & what version.

To put the question in one sentence:  How do I get the same RPM info via
command line?


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