Michael Leone on Sun, 22 Apr 2001 22:54:07 -0400

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Re: [PLUG] Re: linux newbie here

On 22 Apr 2001 15:47:41 -0700, matty mo wrote:
> hey. i finally got rid of my windows partition and
> re-installed mandrake. everything went smooth except
> for two things. 
> 1. when i try to access the cdrom it says i don't have
> permission to access it - even as root. any thoughts? 

Ya got me on that one. ... Are you trying the actual device (i.e.,
/dev/hdc) or a symlink (i.e., /dev/cdrom)? Does the messages log
(/var/log/messages) show any errors during boot, like that it isn't
finding the CD-ROM?

> 2. no sound.

In what? Gnome? KDE? Do you mean system sounds? Or when you play sound
files? etc. Same comment about checking logs, for errors finding

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