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Re: [PLUG] register .edu?

.EDU just got handed over to EduCAUSE ... the policies might change again
so who knows if you fit the requirements right now.  Might as well ask to
find out, though.  K12 doesn't appear to fit the bill at this time from a
FAQ response -- http://www.educause.edu/asp/faq/faq.asp?code=edudomain


On Tue, 24 Apr 2001, Michael C. Toren wrote:

> > > I think you're going to have trouble registering a .edu for a k-12 school;
> > > the recent requirement has been that the organization must be a four year
> > > degree-granting college or university.
> > 
> > That's what I thought, too, but I've seen domains for 2-year colleges as
> > well as museums (including Philadephia's own fi.edu).  And don't forget
> > things like merit.edu.  ;)
> Both merit.edu and fi.edu are very, very old domain names, registered in
> the mid to late 1980's.  Policies since then for new registrations have
> changed dramaticly.
> > bj@neo:~$ host -t soa edu. |head -1
> > edu start of authority  A.ROOT-SERVERS.NET hostmaster.nsiregistry.NET(
> > 
> > Try mailing hostmaster@nsiregistry.net to see if it can be done.
> nsiregistry.net is run by Verisign, formerly Network Solutions, so mail
> addressed to hostmaster there is probably passed on to their text-form
> processing robots.  I would simply try putting "foo.edu" to the HTML
> form on the http://www.networksolutions.com/ website.
> -mct

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