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Re: [PLUG] [PLUG-Announce]today's meeting

On 10/03, Michael Leone wrote:
> No keysigning this week, huh?

Hmm... there were.. 4 scheduled for the last meeting that didn't happen at

pub  1024D/116F0CBD 2000-12-17 Bill Jonas <bill@billjonas.com>
sub  2048g/40FCFB52 2000-12-17

pub  1024D/D06BCB44 2001-08-12 Kristin Hill <pinkee@cavegirl.org>
sub  1024g/B78ABD13 2001-08-12

pub  1024D/113C0FF6 2001-09-05 Robert W. Brewer <rbrewer@op.net>
sub  1024g/2A269124 2001-09-05

pub  1024D/99B38F61 2001-09-06 Jason Nocks <jason@nocks.com>
sub  1024g/BB3C8BA6 2001-09-06

But I didn't get up in time to get to work in time to leave work in time to
get to plug.

Anyone can run the keysigning.  Just download
http://www.phillylinux.org/keys/phillylinux.gpg and print a bunch of copies
of the output of 
"gpg --no-default-keyring --keyring ./phillylinux.gpg --list-sigs" (one for
every participant).

For the last several days I've been thinking quite regularly "I really need
to send out an announcement for this week's meeting".  And I managed to not
remind my boss that today was a day I'm supposed to come in early.  And I
didn't remember I was supposed to get to sleep early till 2am.  

I've noticed my motivation for plug (and as a result, my updates) have
been lacking.  I'd really like to get Steve Creel (our contact at
nothinbut.net, who hosts our website and mailing lists) and probably Bill
Jonas to get the website into CVS, so anybody who's interested can update
the website any time they want.

And the announcements should be automatable.

I don't know how many meetings I'm going to be gettign to.  It means me
getting up 5 hours early (which is... a rather amaizing feat for me), and
driving a little over an hour from horsham straight down 611 into center
city during rush hour.  


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