Gerald D. Neale on Tue, 9 Oct 2001 17:36:00 -0400

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Re: [PLUG] post from NeoMail

--- wrote:
> > Who's That you Paul?
> It's a server that my Web host operates. I have a
> free RCN dial-in account
> and I use for Web hosting
> and e-mail. (RCN has
> free Web space, but it isn't set up with
> Linux/PHP4/ssh/etc..)
I assume that you are using the sendmail from your
dialup machine. I did a whois on your ip and got

Do they have a mail server at your dialup. Set your
mail client to it for outgoing mail. That way the
mailing list server can do a reverse lookup on it and
get a real resolvable address. That'll save you from
getting tempoarily hung up in the PLUG spam folder. 

That's probably why your posts took so long before.
Because each mail from your Linux machine has headers
that look like spam (unresolvable reverse lookup) and
each had to be manually approved by the PLUG mailing
list admin. Maybe.

Maybe, because you post to the CHLUG list too, but
we've never had that problem. 

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