Joseph B. Welsh on Wed, 10 Oct 2001 15:06:33 -0400

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RE: [PLUG] Sun Java and

On Wed, 2001-10-10 at 14:36, William Shank wrote:
> is part of the program you are trying to run intead of in the
> JDK? 


> what happens when you run java -version on the command line.

  I get the Kaffe version info...will try removing that and see if it
> also, make sure you are running the correct version of java - the kaffe jvm
> is frequently included in linux installs and if it appears before your sun
> jvm in the class path it will executed instead.
> see if this helps any...

  Well, that parts of it.  Install proceeded with errors.  It just
  generated dialog boxes that I can't read, so I will have to talk
  to the maintainers too see what's what.

  Thanks for the point in the right dirrection.


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