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[PLUG] Postscript (was Re: John "MAD DOG" Hall)

At 10:46 AM -0400 10/11/01, gabriel rosenkoetter wrote:
Does Acrobat *Reader* actually read Postscript files? My
understanding is that it only reads pdf files.

You are correct, it only does PDF files.

 Granted, ps2pdf works
flawlessly, so ps files can be converted for Windows and Mac OS
users without a hitch, but...

Just make sure you have a version of Ghostscript >= 6.0, since the 5.x series generated REALLY S**TTY PDF!

... one of the great ironies of Mac OS and Windows has always been
that they absolutely *refuse* to deal with Postscript in any sensible

Excuse me??

Given that Postscript was popularized on the Mac OS BEFORE it hit the Unix world (courtesy of the Apple LaserWriter and PageMaker), AND that to this day you get MUCH better quality PS from Mac OS OR Windows (modulo the MS driver in Win9x, that's seems like a silly statement.

It's ridiculous that ps *cannot* be (usefully) used as an
on-disk format in these operating systems,

PS can certainly be used as an on-disk format, but it's not useful for anything other than printing - since that's what it is for! Postscript is a PRINTER DESCRIPTION LANGUAGE - it was designed for sending to a printer to final output. It's use on screen, and weird things like Display Postscript (DPS) were hacks, more so than anything else.

especially since what
they do with their fancy, resource-forked or MS-gobbledy-gooked
formats is translate them to postscript before sending them down
the wire to the printer (any printer, yes including Apple printers).

Only Postscript printers get Postscript. Others get PCL, BotherScript, or just "bags of bits" depending on the type of printer. But that's EXACTLY my point - PS is for printing, NOT for on-screen viewing!

Mac OS X takes the right approach, which is to use PDF as the native metafile format, including on-screen print preview.

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