Leonard Rosenthol on Fri, 12 Oct 2001 03:40:11 +0200

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[PLUG] More on PS/PDF (was Re: John "MAD DOG" Hall)

At 4:44 PM -0400 10/11/01, Fred K Ollinger wrote:
> Does Acrobat *Reader* actually read Postscript files? My
understanding is that it only reads pdf files. Granted, ps2pdf works

They said acrobat, about $200, not the free adobe ad-ware: acrobat reader.

Even the full product won't read PS files - though it comes with Distiller which will convert PS to PDF.

I like the idea of having .ps to download that you can see on gv or print,
but it's too hard for most people so I usually send them a .pdf.

There are many other reasons why PDF is a better transport/distro format , so keep it up!

Still not
so good for people who can't do anything for a file unless you 'click it'.
We need to put some kind of html wrapper around the .pdf files which will
jump to the adobe acrobat _reader_ download page. I wonder how hard this
trick would be to pull off? Maybe put the html file that says, 'click this
first' then have the .pdf come next. Naw, too hard to use. ;)

I've been thinking about the idea of "self-viewing" files (ala self-extracting archives on Mac and Windows). Of course, the big problem is that by doing so you turn a x-platform format into a platform-centric one.

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