Jeff Weisberg on Fri, 21 Mar 2003 19:00:25 -0500

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Re: [PLUG] sun null modem cable

| I just went to the computer store on 38th and Walnut today, looking for a
| null modem cable. They had some, but I didn't know what end I needed for
| sun. I think that for the i386 side, I need a nine pin for the serial
| port. Correct?

I've owned x86 hardware with 9 pin and 25 pin serial ports.

| How many pins on the sun side? I'm guessing 25, but I want to make sure
| before I buy it.

most sun hardware uses 25 pin connectors, but I've owned sun eqmt with
9 pin, 25 pin, 8 pin DIN, and 8 pin rj-45 serial port connectors.

the obvious question is, can you turn your stuff around and look?


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