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[PLUG] Re: Interpreting a bastardized file system with Mandrake Linux

Hello PLUG !

Thanks for thinking about this.  My own uninformed opinion
is that  the sizes of hard drives went way past anything that
the Microsoft "community" ever conceived or planned, and that
the MS "fix" for  utilizing the full capacity of these big drives
was just a patch.  That suspicion is reinforced by "Properties"
in Windows Explorer seeing little, if any, increase in the amount
of data on the 80GB drives past about 37GB, although WE did
see more data on the cloned drive than on the Master disk.

It'll be interesting indeed what it takes to extract my files from
the cloned disk, which is the one that didn't get WinXP written
on top of W98SE.  I didn't use XXCopy on that one after the
system started to go all goofy, meaning, once I noticed that
the C: and D: drive letters were interchanged.

One more data point: After installing WinXP, I noticed that
My Documents had gotten separated from its true residence 
on the C: drive to the "prime" location, and that a whole
bunch of directories that were in the My Documents directory
had become empty.  Several GB worth.  I'm hoping that these
directories haven't been emptied in the cloned drive.  They
represent a lot of floppy disks that I had archived so as to
be able to secure their data before the images faded.

Best regards,
George Langford

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