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Re: [PLUG] books available tomorrow night

Hi Jeff, due to the holiday weekend I won't be there tomorrow night. If you can please save the Unix Systems Programming and the home wireless Networking books if possible for next time.

Thanks, Tay

From: Jeff Abrahamson <jeff@purple.com>
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Subject: [PLUG] books available tomorrow night
Date: Tue, 1 Jul 2003 22:14:06 -0400

We've received three books from Prentice Hall. I'll bring them with me
tomorrow night. They're free to whoever wants them, but perhaps
preference should go to someone who will write a review of them and
post it somewhere, since that's what Prentice Hall would like. We can
discuss details tomorrow night.

The books are

    Complete Wireleess Home Networking, Paul Heltzel
        Windows XP Edition

    Linux on the Mainframe, John Eilert et al.

    Unix Systems Programming: Communcation, Concurrency, and Threads,
        Kay Robbins, Steven Robbins


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