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Re: [PLUG] Tech jobs and politics

On Mon, Jul 07, 2003 at 07:32:40AM -0700, Craig Brennan said:


> That sort of thing I don't blame on the government.  I blame that on
> poor work ethic and having it too good for too long.

I mostly trend to agree, although I don't think it's just a question of
being spoiled.  American style Capitalism has boom and bust cycles built
into it, and we happen to be in a bust right now.  Add to that the
current Administration's willingness to allow business to do literally
anything they want to make a profit, and you can see where this goes.
Businesses without any reason to be responsible to the community they
employ have no incentive not to look for cheaper workers when times are
tight.  The kids you're teaching (who I'm quite sure are idiots for the
most part, just like every college everywhere) are expecting 'life to be
fair' or some variation, but when businesses don't have to be fair, they

> What I do blame on the government is STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID
> STUPID FISCAL POLICY.  I find it fascinating that in only half a term,
> this idiot President of ours can take the largest budget surplus ever
> and turn it into the largest deficit we've seen in many years.  Then,
> in order to fix it, he engages in a pre-emptive war with no plan
> whatsoever of what to do once it's over.  We then assume 100% of the
> financial responsibility of rebuilding said nation.  We are now 1
> country with the financial responsibility of running 2.  You do not
> need to be a math major, political science major, or even a total
> fucking idiot to realize how damaging this can be to an economy.

80's flashback time - supply side economics bought us a giant deficit wth
Reagan, and it took us almost a decade to recover from it.  It looks
likewe're doing it all over again.  I am always amused by the
Republicans' criticism of the Democrats 'big government and big
spending', when the Republicans have consistently run up deficits every
time they have the opportunity to do so.  I'm not even going to touch
Haliburton's war - it makes me so disgusted I'll probably be offensive
to someone.

Getting progresively more off-topic, but who doesn't love a good rant?

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