Rebecca Ore on Tue, 8 Jul 2003 11:14:05 -0400

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[PLUG] [OT] Room for rent

I've got Verizon DSL to the house, and am close to the R6 East Falls
Train Station.  It's a two story house with two bedrooms.  If you were
willing to take the smaller bedroom, it's got air-conditioning and a
small but deep closet.  Room is 8 or 9 by 13, would be $350 a month.  I
could negotiate to give up the larger room (approximately 13 by 13) for
$450 a month.  Washing machine/no dryer unless you could fix it (I
suspect a fan belt broke, but getting someone in would cost more than I
can afford right now.) Small yard.  Rental parking lot behind the house,
don't know what space is available, street parking is difficult.

Shares of utilities, etc.  Strong perference for diernal person, not

I've presently got a Belkin four port wired router -- easy enough to
move the computer gear to the dining room and send a Cat cable upstairs
to the back room.  

Rebecca Ore
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