Kevin Brosius on Tue, 8 Jul 2003 22:37:10 -0400

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Re: [PLUG] SuSE Distribution Policy?

> Anyone familiar with the SuSE CD distribution policy?
> If I buy SuSE 8.2 (desktop or pro) can I make copies of the cd's and
> give away or sell like I can with Red Hat? Am I only allowed to put it
> on one machine?

Good question.  Not knowing I checked out CD one of a copy of the SuSE
8.2 Pro Upgrade.  It contains a copy of the GPL in the COPYING file. 
However, there is also a COPYRIGHT file (only in German...) which
babelfish tells me says:

Not all programs on the CDs are Freeware.

It partly concerns Shareware, partly is reduced the use for commercial

In the descriptions of package to the valid in each case copyright one
refers. We take over however no warranty for the correctness of these
data. Read please in the doubt the original copyright information to the

Basically, I think the answer is, that you get a single user license to
use the extra programs they ship with the Pro version.  However I don't
see any obvious description of their policy.

Looking at the product box, there is a 'Terms and Conditions' block,
which claims that all sales fall under one of two agreements published
on their web site at  Transactions with "entrepreneurs"
are covered under a "General Terms and Conditions of Sale, SuSE Linux
AG, International B2B", and consumers under the same, but B2C.

Looking at the web site, I finally ran acroos this comment, pertaining
to the YAST admin tool they supply (part of the CD install set):



It is forbidden to reproduce or distribute data carriers which have been
reproduced without authorisation for payment without the prior written
consent of SuSE Linux AG or SuSE Linux. Distribution of the YaST
programme, its sources, whether amended or unamended in full or in part
thereof, and the works derived thereof for a charge require the prior
written consent of SuSE Linux AG.

All programmes derived from YaST, and all works derived thereof as a
whole or parts thereof may only be disseminated with the amended sources
and this licence in accordance with 2b). Making YaST or works derived
thereof available free of charge together with SuSE Linux on FTP Servers
and mailboxes is permitted if the licences on the software are observed.


So, I'd say they don't want you selling copies without prior approval. 
Clear as mud, eh?

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