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[PLUG] Kolab ( was no august presenter)

Ian... How was you say Kolab differs from a server like Open Groupware or MS Exchange - aside from the fact that Exchange only runs on Windows...

Ian Reinhart Geiser wrote:

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On Friday 11 July 2003 06:40 am, JP Toto wrote:

I would definitely enjoy a tour through the Kolab
server! Isn't 1.0 supposed to be released shortly???

We seem to be held up waiting for Duke Nukem Forever :P

There are some issues remaining, but the current server is very usable. The client is the sticker currently. The most annoying part is the server has been pretty much finished now for about 4 months and is now just being tweaked. I guess this is good, but im hot to show off my shinney now toy.

Kolab has some technical advantages over other systems and has some very impressive open standards behind it. I would even be as brave as to boast it to be the most open of all approaches, but then again im biased ;)

The KDE Client is stable enough for testing currently, but still has rough edges to hammer out. We may also have a demo for our GPL Outlook connector by then too.

For those who are not up on the technical details Kolab is an Open Source email and group calender server. It uses IMAP as the main data store, SIEVE as the filtering system (so yes you can actually apply filters to addresses, and calender events), Data is stored on the server in vCard and iCal file formats as message attachments, so migration on and off of the server is a matter of perl scripts. Lastly all config data is stored in LDAP so you can configure every aspect of the server (email accounts, server name, etc...) all via ldap. This makes clustering trivial and integration into something like NDS or ActiveDirectory much easier.

Its cool stuff!  If anyone wants to hear more I can talk all night ;)

	-ian reinhart geiser

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