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[PLUG] IBM 970 - the other shoe drops

IBM finally dropped the other shoe...

The 970 Chip (Apple's G5) will power a new series of "low end" super powerful Linux servers. ... cheap.


"The ULE models, which will run Linux and IBM's AIX OS, will ship in 2U two-way and 4U four-way configurations. A base configuration of the 4U is expected to cost less than $3,500, sources said.
With the upcoming PowerPC 970- and GPUL2-based ULE products, IBM will stress better performance than Xeon-based servers, 32- and 64-bit compatibility with no migration costs or penalties, and linear price scaling from two-way to four-way systems. Against Itanium and Itanium 2 servers, IBM will promote the ULE as cheaper, less power-hungry, cooler and easier to set up."

With AMD on the ropes "because of SARS," the end of the WinTel (*86 instruction set) hegemony may well be on the way.

... While IBM is a large consumer of chips, Apple is an order of magnitude larger. With the two of them "entering the consumer market" the price of the 970 chips is dirt cheap. Coupled with the new Fab where they are being built, the 970 PPC and its successors are going to be a cheap high performance chip that the *86 folks are going to have a tough time competing with.

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