Magnus on Thu, 31 Jul 2003 03:01:10 -0400

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[PLUG] RPM and SRPM package updates for Aurora 1.0 and Red Hat 9

As RH tends to like being very, ummm, "conservative" about providing upgraded packages for their OS (meaning nothing but bug fixes and security patches make it into the updates in most cases) I'll be sharing any packages I end up rolling for Red Hat Linux.

Right now I'm running Red Hat Linux 9 on one machine, so the packages will be largely limited to that version unless something in my home network should change.

Aurora Linux 1.0 is basically Red Hat 7.3 for sparc architecture. They are similarly conservative about updating packages. I've got a Sun box running Aurora and will also periodically be making packages for it.

I'd rather not spam the mailing lists so if this sounds like something you'd be interested in, I'll announce new packages at the following URL:

For now I've uploaded GnuPG 1.2.2 packages (including SRPM, of course).

I use a different key for signing my packages. It has been signed by my primary key, and can be downloaded at: packages/magnus-packagekey.asc

Once you've downloaded that key, you can import it into rpm with the "--import" feature and verify the integrity of my packages with the "-K" feature.


C. Magnus Hedemark
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