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[PLUG] [ Barnes & Noble Discount Coupon for Eric S. Raymond's New Book + 2 Other Hot Titles......]

I will reply to this, as de facto receive of Prentice Hall
things. I'll have to pass the coupons off to someone next Wednesday,
though, since I won't be able to make the meeting.

I'll announce when I've got them in hand, in case someone wants some


ps: Check out the confidentiality disclaimer at the end of her email.

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Date: Fri, 05 Sep 2003 18:23:46 -0400
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Subject: Barnes & Noble Discount Coupon for Eric S. Raymond's New Book + 2
	Other Hot Titles......
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Hello LUG Leader,

We hope your LUG has been enjoying the complimentary review copies of
UNIX/Linux/Open Source books which publishers Addison-Wesley/Prentice Hall
PTR have been mailing you the past several months.  

Thanks to our working relationship, Barnes & Noble has created a special
coupon promotion for your User Group members to purchase Eric S. Raymond's
latest book, "The Art of UNIX Programming", (to publish in late September)
at a special discount of 20% off retail price, when purchased with
coupon-in-hand at your local B&N store.  

The coupon includes the same discount for two other hot titles:  the
classic, "Linux Administration Handbook" by Evi Nemeth, Garth Snyder and
Trent Hein and the newer Prentice Hall PTR book release, "Linux on the
Mainframe", co-authored by a team of IBM's Linux experts.

PLEASE NOTE:  This coupon expires October 31, 2003 and so will require you
to distribute hard copies of the coupons at your September or October
meetings.  Please respond with an approximate number of coupons you require
in order to accommodate your expected monthly attendance.  We will do our
best to fulfill your request.

Unless I hear otherwise, I will mail the coupons to your attention, at the
address where you've been receiving book shipments.

I look forward to hearing from you, and to mailing you a bundle of book
coupons for the benefit of your LUG members!

Best regards, Heather Fox

Heather Fox, Publicist
Addison-Wesley & Prentice Hall PTR
Mailing address: 
Pearson Education, 1 Lake St., #3K17, Upper Saddle River, NJ  07458
(phone) 201.236.7139;

This email may contain confidential material.
If you were not an intended recipient, 
please notify the sender and delete all copies.
We may monitor email to and from our network.


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