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Re: [PLUG] Microsoft Run High School?

On 9/6/03 01:02, "Paul" <> wrote:

> I never said there is a connection.  (Wasn't it Micro$oft that referred
> to Open Source as being "viral" in nature? 8^))

Heh, makes me sick :')
> I see some mandatory vaccinations as public health concerns.  The
> comparison is in the fact that choices are made for us, for better or
> worse, by people with power who take no personal responsibility for the
> outcome.  The public has no choice but to accept the decisions, live
> with the reality they create, and possibly pay a high price for them.
> And most people do it with a smile.

Unfortunately in this litigious society people have come to the point where
they don¹t want to take responsibility for their own actions... And for the
few that do it is a tragedy... People are more interested in what they can
get for nothing/minimal work, and we all pay as a society... I like the idea
of this school... I think it will either accomplish one of three things...
1) it will fail miserably do to problems from security/stability issues and
they will just give up and the stuff will sit in closets for the most part.
2) macroshaft will learn from it and improve security and stability due to
the cost of management/upkeep.
3) the student will deal with what they have and eventually when the ones
who accel at computers will either switch to another OS (Linux maybe :') or
will get jobs at macroshaft and improve their products...

2 or 3 would be nice... 1 is most likely...

>> You don't have to send your children to a public school.

If you cant afford private you do...
>> You don't have to send your children to a Microsoft-partner school,
>> either.
> Really?  Can I choose an Open Source school?  Can I choose a private
> school which will restore my right and responsibility to make informed
> decisions regarding my own kid, or are you referring to home schooling?

Finding one in all areas unfortunately is not possible... As for home
schooling hmmm... Although I love my wife being a teacher I think wouldn¹t
be a good idea as her patience is lacking... Not to mention my ex could have
an intellectual conversation with a box of rocks...  And last but not least,
myself as a teacher, altho my wife makes good money realistically with 3
kids we couldn¹t live on one income...

Something I think would be interesting is have a few schools get together
and be sponsored by the OS makers and have one school where everything is
based on macro shaft, Mac OS, Linux, or any other OS with resources
sufficient to sponsor. I know this is as likely to happen as RH combining
with debian...


P.s. Hello, this is the first time I have posted to this mailing list,
although I have lurked about for about a month... I use linux at home on my
home machine and router (also have a machine running Mac OS X) and currently
I am between jobs...

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