Stephen Gran on Mon, 8 Sep 2003 13:18:10 -0400

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[PLUG] Anybody using amavis-ng with Exim?

Hello all,

I am having some problems with amavis-ng and exim.  Specifically, it
seems like amavis-ng is generating a null sender address on
notifications about virus email, and exim then refuses to accept them (I
do sender verification on this box), so no notifications about emails
with possible viruses are ever received.  The null sender thing is odd,
because I explicitly set the mail_from variable in amavis.conf.  It is
difficult to tell, since I never get to see any of the email to debug,
but I'm guessing that what's happening is amavis sets From: but not
envelope from: or some such thing.

Since I am in the position of being unhappy with this combination, does
anyone have either:
A) Experience with similar problems, and suggestions for how to go about
fixing it,

or (better)

B) A suggestion for an exim/antivirus scanner integration that doesn't
try to quarantine the viruses, but only tags and sends on (the way
spamassassin does).  I would prefer that the mail get delivered, at
least until I have a chance to test the system and make sure that there
aren't false positives being quarantined.  With the current combination,
not only do false positives get stopped, nobody ever gets notified :(
Needless to say, I've had to revert this - I'd rather the occasional
virus gets through than lose mail randomly.

I've looked at mailscanner, but it seems like an awfully large overhead
and rewriting of exim.conf (which is getting rather unwieldy as it is)
in order to get it going.

Any ideas?  TIA,
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