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Re: [PLUG] Solaris 8 or Linux on Sparc?

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Michael C. Toren wrote:

>> I have a client who has solaris 7 on sparc Ultra5's. The question
>> came up as to moving them to linux, solaris 8 or leaving as
>> solaris 7. Uses are for DNS and NIS(+). I question whether NIS+
>> is available on linux (I recall that it wasn't a fewyears back -
>> but this may have changed),
> Debian does indeed have an nis package available for the sparc
> architecture:

And according to the The Linux NIS(YP)/NYS/NIS+ HOWTO at,
written 18 November 2000:

> 3. NIS, NYS or NIS+ ?
> 3.1. libc 4/5 with traditional NIS or NYS ?
> The choice between "traditional NIS" or the NIS code in the NYS
> library is a choice between laziness and maturity vs. flexibility
> and love of adventure.
> The "traditional NIS" code is in the standard C library and has
> been around longer and sometimes suffers from its age and slight
> inflexibility.
> The NIS code in the NYS library requires you to recompile the libc
> library to include the NYS code into it (or maybe you can get a
> precompiled version of libc from someone who has already done it).
> Another difference is that the traditional NIS code has some
> support for NIS Netgroups, which the NYS code doesn't. On the other
> hand the NYS code allows you to handle Shadow Passwords in a
> transparent way. The "traditonal NIS" code doesn't support Shadow
> Passwords over NIS.
> 3.2. glibc 2 and NIS/NIS+
> Forgot all this if you use the new GNU C Library 2.x (aka libc6).
> It has real NSS (name switch service) support, which makes it very
> flexible, and contains support for the following NIS/NIS+ maps:
> aliases, ethers, group, hosts, netgroups, networks, protocols,
> publickey, passwd, rpc, services and shadow. The GNU C Library has
> no problems with shadow passwords over NIS.
> 3.3. NIS or NIS+ ?
> The choice between NIS and NIS+ is easy - use NIS if you don't have
> to use NIS+ or have severe security needs. NIS+ is _much_ more
> problematic to administer (it's pretty easy to handle on the client
> side, but the server side is horrible). Another problem is that the
> support for NIS+ under Linux is still under developement - you need
> the latest glibc 2.1. There is an unsupported port of the glibc
> NIS+ support for libc5 as dropin replacement.

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