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Re: [PLUG] C Question (Off Topic?) wrote on 09/15/2003 02:58:40 PM:

> Hello all,

> I'm a beginner trying to learn C and I have a question. I realize this
isn't a
> C mailing list, however, I know there are a lot of programmers on this
> and I'd rather post here than somewhere else. I hope you don't mind.

> I want to use the % symbol as part of a string literal within a printf()
> statement. The % symbol is used as a conversion specifier, such as %d,
> indicating a decimal integer. I understand this. What I can't seem to
> my many books--is how to use the % symbol as part of a string.
> printf("Congratulations. You saved 20%.\n");

> Any suggestions?  TIA

> Chris Shanahan

>From 'man 3 printf', in the conversion specifier section:

%      A  `%'  is  written.  No argument is converted. The
              complete conversion specification is `%%'.


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