Martin DiViaio on Wed, 17 Sep 2003 19:30:25 -0400

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Re: [PLUG] Exim error 421

The 421 error is a "temporary" error that tells a sending server that exim 
can't accept messages at the moment but may be fixed soon.

Check the permissions on the configuration file. Make sure the user your 
running exim as can read it. Also make sure that any external files are 
also readable by that same user.

Are you using some sort of SQL database with Exim? If so, check to make 
sure that all your queries work and produce the correct output and that 
the user/pass are correct.

Are you loading perl at start? If so, is it loading correctly?

Make sure that the spool and log directories are writable by the exim

Check $EXIMROOT/log/panic. This is the file that will (probably) get any 
errors that exim is generating.

There is a switch you can give exim on the command line that checks the
configuration file for errors. (Check the Exim site.)

You might also want to try the '-v -bt' options with an email address. 
This can also give information on what Exim may be having problems with.

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> Subject: [PLUG] Exim error 421
> I was wondering if anyone knows what would cause exim to print out an
> error 421 Unexpected failure, please try later.  I found that there can
> be log errors, but this does not look like it is one of them.
> Any ideas?  Thanks
> -brad
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