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[PLUG] Re: cable modem and MAC

On Thu, 18 Sep 2003, kaze wrote:

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> --> Also when you setup IPtables i would suggest taking a look at a program
> --> called fwbuilder Its a helpful interface for keeping your rules 
> --> straight,
> --> though it does make very messy looking chains.
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> Is fwbuilder command line?

No it is not. I use fwbuilder and like it a lot but if you need a command line
you could look at gShield or shorewall. I used gShield for a long time but it
is limited to 2 interfaces and I needed more. I have heard a lot of good things
about shorewall but I have never used it.

FWIW, fwbuilder's interface is a lot like checkpoint. So if you have any
experience with checkpoint it should be easy. If you are starting from scratch
I strongly suggest you read the fine manual. It is indeed a good manual and has
a lot of examples.


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