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Re: [PLUG] Apple MAC recovery

On 9/30/03 22:24, "Will Dyson" <> wrote:

> On Tue, 2003-09-30 at 21:24, Jesse Huestis wrote:
>> Hi All:
>> I have a client with a MAC OS 10.x and they have seriously crashed.
>>  Normally, I would take the hard drive and put it in a Linux or Evil
>> empire computer and recover the data they needed.  Has anyone taken a
>> MAC drive  and put it successfully into a Linux box and been able to
>> recover data?
> OS X computers use the HFS+ filesystem. A linux kernel driver for that
> filesystem exists and is part of the current 2.4 kernels. The old HFS
> driver will not work with these new filesystems.
> The debian package hfsplus contains userspace tools for accessing HFS+
> filesystems.
> If the filesystem itself is badly corrupted, you probably won't have
> much luck with either of those tools. In that case, your best bet would
> be to make a sector copy of the filesystem with dd (in case of screwups)
> and then attempt to repair it on another mac using apple's disk repair
> or Norton (I heard a rumor there was a better HFS repair util than
> Norton, but I don't know what it might be).

What your thinking of is 'tech tool pro' it is very good... Alas my copy of
it was destroyed by urchins or I would offer to help... If the machine wont
even go into single user mode I would suggest putting it in another mac to
let Disk Utility/FirstAid take a look at it... But remember it isnt that
thorough of an app... Finding someone with tech tool pro would be better...

Also HFS+ support is in 2.4.21+ kernels that I have seen... The HFSplus
userland utils are best for read only... And if you mount a HFS+ fs with a
HFS driver all you will see is a text file named 'Where have all my files
gone?' when opened will explain the fs is HFS+ and how to use the volume
(i.e. Use mac os 8.1 or newer to mount it...)


p.s. I wanted to go to the meeting but my wife wont let me... She has this
thing about me not taking our only vehicle to west philly :'/ so if anyone
is going from south jersey next month I am sticking my virtual thumb out :')

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