Art Clemons on 17 Oct 2003 23:27:01 -0400

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Re: [PLUG] OT: Spam

For the record the data that I extract is pricing information of a clients
competition. I would be interested to hear what the list thinks of the moral
and legal aspects of what I am doing as admins and entrepanuers? None of the
information I am getting is available otherwise and I implement caching and
time delays (2 or 3 seconds usually) for requests. Just wondering.

I'm not offering legal advice here, besides I'm not licensed to practice law, but there have been suits over the extraction of things like price lists (Walmart has been a major litigant) and websites that showed the lowest prices have been sued for copyright violations. At one time I would have been cynical and said that the supposed IP holders couldn't prevail this time around, but now, I can't honestly say that.

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