Magnus Hedemark on 4 May 2004 19:28:02 -0000

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RE: [PLUG] A LINUX meeting in Exton Tues 4/13 and Monday 5/10

On Tue, 4 May 2004 wrote:

> I am from delco. 

Me too.

> old techie and teacher.

30-something sysadmin.

> linux intermediate.

Relative oldtimer.

> i would like to see some hands on presentations.
> we learn by doing, not watching

I was in another LUG that was much more into this kind of thing.  I don't 
know what is different about the culture up here but it is a lot 
different.  Part of the nice thing about the Linux culture in RTP was that 
there were a lot of companies volunteering free meeting space without any 
significant strings attached.  Without good free meeting space and 
possibly internet connectivy as well, it's hard to do much from there.

> suggestions, and for my own edification:
> 1) Sendmail as server, Windows outlook?? or eudora?? clients

Check out Thunderbird.  It's Open Source, works well, and is mostly 
standards-compliant as far as I can tell.

> 2) Others-Qmail?

There are some significant licensing issues that are enough to make me 
ignore any technical benefits and move on to other options.

Postfix is a great alternative MTA that is not too terribly encumbered in 
its license.

> 3) Apache part 1- simple website
> 4) ...    part 2- with MySql and php
> i can bring a linux box (redhat 9.x) and a little hub.

Time to upgrade;  your Linux box is now officially EOL as of May 1.

> be glad to help.
> the phila group is very knowledgeable, but sometimes ...
> esoteric, pretentious, and even mean spirited.

Not to fan the flames, but I tend to agree.  I think though that the last 
time some volunteer opportunities came up to reach out to "newbies", there 
was a mostly positive response so don't write this LUG off just yet.  ;)

Since you mention that you're from DelCo, I was thinking it would be nice 
to have a more local LUG for DelCo Linux & Free/Open Source Software users 
(i.e. don't leave out the *BSD folks).  My current employer is placing 
heavy demands on my time right now so I have been way behind on projects 
like this, but I'd still like to see something get off the ground.  I know 
there are also a number of people on this list from the Swarthmore area 
but unsure of how much interest there is there to have Yet Another LUG.

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