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Re: [PLUG] cd burning on a samba burner

"Greg Lopp" <lopp@fuse.net> wrote:
>On Tue, Jul 06, 2004 at 08:45:02PM -0400, Paul wrote:  Art Alexion wrote:
>> >Is there a way to get any Linux CD burning software to recognize and 
>> >use a CD writer that is actually attached to a windows PC on a samba 
>> >network?
>> >
>> I don't think that's possible in any case.  Reading is one thing...
>Since burning a CD is fundamentally different than a simple write to an HD, this is unlikely.  Writing to an HD is something that passes down through the kernel, learning what fs the given volume is using and therefore what needs to be written in addition to just your data....but you don't care about all that. You just tell the system to write something and it handles the details. With a CD burner on the other hand, you use A) an application which knows what additional data needs to be written (mkisofs for example) and B) an application which knows how to talk to the firmware of your specific burner (like cdrdao or cdrecord). 
>Samba only allows you to see that there are remote volumes.  You can't see what fs they use (only the remote kernel needs to know that)  You only need to speak samba to write to the remote volume.  Samba does not speak firmware commands.
>Now, if the remote windows machine was using one of those funky drivers that integrated into the kernel such that you can drag and drop to a CDRW, then you'd have something.  As long as you can write to that remote cd burner without the help of an application, you've got something.

You "could" share the directory (folder) that Windows XP uses for temprary space when preparing to burn a CD, however, you would still need to visit the Windows PC to actually burn the CD since user intervention would be required. I am unaware of a solution where you could write directly to the CDRW drive.

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