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Re: [PLUG] update strategies/partition issue

Paul wrote:

Art Alexion wrote:

Well, I finally got the memory issue resolved. What it needed was *low density* pc 133 -- odd because Compaq support told me that ¨the memory with chips on both sides won't work¨ and that is the only thing I got to work. I can't believe how snappy this machine is now.

Great! \(^o^)/ How much RAM did you have originally, and how much do you have now?

64-> 320

Recently I was investigating memory and I noticed claims that low density memory is compatible with more systems than high density memory. I guess it's true!

Seems like it.

I'm about to upgrade a customer's PC from 64MB to 320MB. I'm expecting a noticeable performance increase. Also in Windows I recently ran into another performance killer. For some reason an Ultra DMA 4 drive dropped back to PIO mode, resulting in slow access speed.

Reminds me to brush up on hdparm.

And I tried F-Prot. F-Prot is a good, efficient virus scanner. It's available for multiple OSes. I think there is a free version for Linux. The Windows version costs $30 per year for up to 5 PCs. The reason why I mentioned this is because installing the more common Norton AV seemed to slow the system down a lot.

Norton very slow. Not at windows machine now to give you URLs, but replaced Norton with a good freeware firewall (Zone Alarm), and a periodic scan via a web app. Zone Alarm offers minimal virus protection in addition to usual firewall features, and a periodic scan = no noticable performance hit.


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