Walt Mankowski on 8 Sep 2004 16:30:02 -0000

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Re: [PLUG] latex: table of contents question

On Tue, Sep 07, 2004 at 11:55:50AM -0400, Jeff Abrahamson wrote:
> I want my bibliography and index to appear in my table of contents.  I
> say this:
>     \addtocontents{toc}{Bibliography}
>     \input{bib.tex}
>     \addtocontents{toc}{Index}
>     \printindex
> At the end of my document the bibliography and index appear correctly
> and with page numbers, but in the TOC I see everything correct except
> the final line.  The last two lines are
>     Conclusions ......................................... 52
>     Bibliography Index
> without any page numbers for the bibliography and index.
> Any thoughts why and what to do about this?

All I can think of is that maybe you've got to run latex twice in
order for the toc to pick up the \addtocontents lines corrently.


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