Aaron Crosman on 8 Sep 2004 19:27:02 -0000

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[PLUG] Apache website search engines

I'm hoping someone can direct me toward the right solution to my next
hurdle with our web server.

For most of the sites on our server we use Google as our search engine.
But we have 1 site that we do not want searched by Google, cause it's
where old pages go to die.  I need to setup a search engine for this
site however, since there are few link maintained within the site (lots
of dead wood without a search engine).  I have looked at both Lucene
from Apache, and HTDIG.  Since both will require a fair amount of setup
on my part, I thought I better check to see if folks had experiences
good of bad with either of those, or other suggestions about a better
option.  I'm really not excited to go through a great deal of work for 1
site that not many people use, but I suspect that's what I'm stuck with.

Thanks for any input
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