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Re: [PLUG] Hard drive crash - recovery

Quoting sean finney <>: 
> hi eric, 
> On Wed, Sep 08, 2004 at 07:14:30PM -0400, wrote: 
> > Can anybody point me to some useful sites and/or tools for trying to 
> > recover this? 
> of course, it goes without saying it's best to assume the data is 
> permanently lost forever.  that way, if you do get it back, it's 
> a pleasant surprise :) 
Agreed - although hope springs eternal :-P 
> the first thing i would do if you can still dd off of the disk is 
> retry with a program called dd_rescue.  there's an option you can 
> pass to tell it to fill in the output with zeros blocks that were 
> unreadable in the input, which might be important to keep 
> block offsets consistant (it'll probably still corrupt some 
> inodes, but probably more likely to be successful).  also, when it detects 
> errors, it shrinks the default block size which hopefully will minimize 
> and isolate the unreadable areas on the disk. 
I'm downloading now - thanks! 
> that failing, in the past i've the coroner's toolkit / lazarus to 
> bring data back from the dead in similar situations (though this 
> was admittedly with ext2/3, ymmv with reiserfs).  be warned, you'll 
Yes, reiserfs is a problem.  I know, for example, that ext2/3 keeps 
copies of a certain table at various locations so if the first one 
gets munged it can be replaced with one of the later ones.  I have 
no such information for reiser yet. 
> need a lot of time and disk space for that.  in my particular 
> situation, i used tct/lazarus to find the blocks where the files 
> i wanted started, and then wrote a small c program to read the data[1]. 
> hth 
> 	sean 
Yes, thanks for the help! 
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