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RE: [PLUG] KDE Conference 2005

Title: RE: [PLUG] KDE Conference 2005

What might be a possibility is the hotel on I-95 at Woodhaven exit
It's out of the city, very close to rail and I-95. Couple cheesy bars
in the direct vacinity, go up to street rd and you got the standard
array of clubs. I think it's a Quality Inn. It should be able to house
that many as well. Might not be as cheap as your looking, but I'm sure
far cheaper than in Center City.


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>On Fri, Sep 10, 2004 at 03:56:29PM -0400, Bob Schwier wrote:
>> International House 3700 Chestnut or the Rotunda 4012 Walnut?
>I've never been inside the Rotunda, but from the outside it seems way
>too small to host that many for a week.  And even if it could, I don't
>think they have any accomodations, computer labs or food service..
>International House might be a little better.  They've got a nice
>auditorium, but I'm not sure it can hold that many people, either.
>There also might be a problem with people living there over the
>summer.  But I suppose it wouldn't hurt to call them and ask.
>We've been looking into hosting a perl conference in Philly.  UPenn
>seemed like an ideal venue, but they charged way too much money.
>After looking into a number of area campuses last summer, we submitted
>a proposal to host it at Bryn Mawr.  (Unfortunately it wasn't
>accepted.)  This year we may be submitting a proposal for the
>University of Delaware.
>I didn't work on either of those bids myself, but you're interested,
>Ian, I can put you in touch with the people who worked on the bids.