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Re: [PLUG] Interesting Article from eWeek

Howard Bloom wrote:

Many think people who want Linux are:


OK, I can live with that. But, I think most Windows-only users are brainwashed, incompetent lemmings who wouldn't know how to make a choice if they knew they had one! No...I'm exaggerating for the fun of it. ;->

Ed Begley drives an electric car - at his expense -

Costs more.
Doesn't go as far.
Little protection - too light

Please forgive me for even responding... I promise not to write about this topic any more after this.

Think of the cost, not only in dollars, of running a conventional car. Pollution and pollution again for emphasis, rising oil prices, dependency on foreign oil suppliers, fuel tanker trucks on the highways, huge oil tankers on the sea which sometimes spring leaks, and the fact that oil is a limited resource. People tend to become seriously injured or die when 20 gallons of fuel catches on fire in an accident. So, yeah, I could think of some positives to switching to alternative power sources. (During WWII, some vehicles were converted to run off of the fumes of heated wood; the same fumes you would see a moment before a heated piece of paper ignites. This was done due to fuel shortages.)

If everyone would drive lighter cars, no one would need to worry about being hit by something unreasonably large, such as a Hummer, which was designed for combat operations. Lighter cars also use less fuel or electro-motive force.

Especially for people in cities, an electric car would be nice for the reasons mentioned above.

From what I've heard, a hybrid electric-gas car can go much further than a conventional gas powered car. I want one!

This is taking it a bit too far, but consider submarines. One of the most dangerous submarines, at least in the past, were diesel-electric. They could run their engines to charge their batteries, then run silently under electric power. The point is, a heavy, loud, extremely powerful vehicle isn't always superior. (Do you remember when muscle cars had to be pushed to a gas pump after waiting in a long line? More power to ya!)

He's making a point:  Why?

He is a zealot - kook - nuts -

He is and so are you.  Yes, both.

I'm not willing to drive Linux until it is VOLVO like.

OK, but some of us *do* drive Linux, and many more will. with it.

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